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Download Twitter video by adding "sss" to tweet URL

Simply add "sss" after https:// and before, then hit ENTER button to download the video! This is the easiest way!

Please, make sure that:

  • you are on the page, which displays a single tweet
  • this page contains a video
  • see an example below

These are original links:

Modify URL with "sss":

Note! This method of downloading works only in web browsers, including both mobile and desktop. In case you use the native Twitter app, follow the instruction below to find how to download video from Twitter on mobile devices.

The video from a specific tweet may be needed offline sometimes. For example, it is useful to have the video on hand when there is no internet. Another reason why you might need to download a Twitter video is the removal of the video by the owner or by the Twitter moderator, if this video violates the terms of service. You can't download the video from the official Twitter application or the official website, but the solution still exists. All you need to do is to navigate your browser to, insert a link to a tweet which contains a video, and click the "Download" button. Downloading is completely free and unlimited for all users.

Download Twitter Videos

sssTwitter works perfectly on all devices: desktop and mobile. In order to download, you need the Twitter URL which contains a video. Simply paste it on our website, then you can save the Twitter video to PC or cell phone with desirable quality, including HD. Below you can find three tutorials, that will show you how to download twitter videos on Android, iPhone (iOS), and PC.

How to download Twitter videos to Android

  1. Open the video you want to download. You can do it with a web-browser or official Twitter app.
  2. Copy the link of the Tweet.
  3. Go back to and paste the link at the top.
  4. Press the Download button and choose desirable quality.
  5. If you have questions, please watch the video below.

How to download Twitter videos to iPhone?

For iPhone with iOS version 12 or older, you need a file manager with an integrated web browser from the App Store, we recommend “Documents by Readdle”. Users with iOS 13 or later can use the Safari browser instead of using the file manager.

  1. Open the tweet with the video you want to download. You can use the Safari browser or the official app.
  2. Copy the link of the Tweet.
  3. Launch the installed file manager app and find a Browser tab in the bottom right corner. Open it.
  4. In the browser address bar type and hit Enter. You should see a field where you can paste the copied link and then tap the Download button.
  5. In a couple of seconds you will get several links for the desired video.Chose the quality of the video. That is it!

How to download Twitter videos to PC

You can follow the instructions in the previous paragraph in order to download video from Twitter to your Windows PC or Mac computer.. There is also an alternative way of copying Twitter links. When viewing the tweet which you want to download, find the small arrow in the upper right corner of the tweet. Click it, find the Copy link option and paste the link on the main page of